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GoldMine Premium Edition is the CRM Solution for your business. 

Over 1 million users in 45 countries.

Four-time PC Magazine "Editor's Choice" Award winner!

Affordable, Powerful, Scalable.

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GoldMine Premium Edition Overview Video (5 minutes)

GoldMine Mobile 2014 Demo Video (14 minutes)

Features include:

- Contact Management
- Scheduling calls, appointments, activities
- Delegate calls and activities.  Track and report on them
- Sales forecasting and analysis
- Dashboards:  real-time, configurable, drill-down for details
- Preview Panes for quick access to information
- Customer Service Module for case management
  Issue trouble tickets, do call escalation, report on it
- Universal Search.  Searches all of GoldMine and linked documents for word or phrase
- Outlook Integration
- Social Media Integration. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
- Constant Contact Integration for email marketing
- GoldMine+View lets you see browser-based content within a contact's record
- User-specific Configuration
- Drag-and-drop reordering of tabs allows best view for your needs
- Automated Processes
  Automate birthday greetings, client reminders, marketing campaigns
- Concurrent User Pricing.  (more cost-effective than Named User pricing)

Data Management Tools


DBXTM for GoldMine

DBX for GoldMine is a data management tool designed to efficiently perform common data management tasks such as data import, export, group building, updating of lookup entries, and ensuring that updates to the data in GoldMine are sync-aware.
  • Intuitive, Simple User Interface
  • Streamlined data import process
  • Smart group builder
  • Automation enabled



GoldMine Premium Edition

Mobile GoldMine