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GoldMine Premium Edition is the CRM Solution for your business. 

Over 1 million users in 45 countries.

Four-time PC Magazine "Editor's Choice" Award winner!

Affordable, Powerful, Scalable.

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GoldMine Premium Edition Brochure

GoldMine Web Brochure

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GoldMine Premium Edition Overview Video (5 minutes)

Features include:

- Contact Management
- Scheduling calls, appointments, activities
- Delegate calls and activities.  Track and report on them
- Sales forecasting and analysis
- Dashboards:  real-time, configurable, drill-down for details
- Preview Panes for quick access to information
- Customer Service Module for case management
  Issue trouble tickets, do call escalation, report on it
- Universal Search.  Searches all of GoldMine and linked documents for word or phrase
- Outlook Integration
- Social Media Integration. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
- Constant Contact Integration for email marketing
- GoldMine+View lets you see browser-based content within a contact's record
- User-specific Configuration
- Drag-and-drop reordering of tabs allows best view for your  needs
- Automated Processes
  Automate birthday greetings, client reminders, marketing campaigns
- Concurrent User Pricing.  (more cost-effective than Named User pricing)

Mobile GoldMine

Access GoldMine data anywhere you have a connection to the internet with GoldMine Web (made by GoldMine) or wMobile (3rd Party). Each are good products -- the best fit for you will depend on your needs. 


 wMobile Information and Videos

Access GoldMine through your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. Manage contacts, calendar, histories, email and more. There's no synchronization as everything occurs in real-time through the browser in your phone. It's fast even over slower connections and there's an intelligence in the design so that clicks and keystrokes are minimized and you can get what you want quickly. Data access can be secured by SSL encryption and if a phone is ever lost or stolen, access can be revoked on the server. Contacts, E-Mail, Calendars and History are all easily accessible wherever you are.

When you buy wMobile you get both phone/tablet (wMobile Phone) and PC/Mac (wMobile Desktop) versions. wMobile Phone is optimized for small screens and ease of navigation and use. wMobile Desktop is not just a larger version of the phone version, but has a broader feature set and a UI that resembles GoldMine Premium Edition. It's a nice solution for PC Web Access, Macs and many tablets as well.


Go with experience - Relationship Automation was named one of the Top 5 wMobile Partners.



Interactive, CRM Integrated Email & Web Site Marketing

IntelliClick is much more than just an email blast tool. Go beyond the basics with IntelliClick's interactive capabilities, starting a "real time" dialogue with your target audience.

Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time.

Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy.

Smart Survey provides a streamlined way to instantly capture customer and prospect survey responses within your GoldMine CRM system.

Go one step further and trigger automated actions and email alerts, based upon information captured, to further engage your sales & marketing team.

Webinar: (See the full 1hr recording, or use the chapters to skip to the parts interesting to you.) IntelliClick Presentation



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